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Precision Data: Customer Loyalty Swipe Cards

Customer Loyalty is a priceless asset that helps establish a business for the long term. A customer may go to an establishment which provides a good quality product or service but it is the customers loyalty to the venue that is ensures the customer going nowhere else.

OrderMate has designed a built-in Customer Loyalty Program that integrates directly with your Point of Sale solution.

Offering your loyal customers discounts and special offers are some of the many ways customer loyalty can increase your customers’ average dollar spend.

Loyalty cards are a great way to track your customers spend and drill down into when and what they buy. Anytime the customer makes a purchase and swipes their loyalty card the Point of Sale system registers that data and will prompt the staff member when they are due for a complementary offer.

Customer information can be stored and used as a valuable marketing tool for upcoming offers and promotions resulting in membership being an integral part of the process.

Precision Data have been long standing partners of OrderMate and are offering OrderMate customers an exclusive promotion: Order and pay for your loyalty cards in the months of May, June and July 2015 to receive a 25% discount of your quoted price*.

For more information on Precision Data and the range of products they have available: Precision Data

*Orders must be a minimum 500 cards and a maximum of 10,000 cards. If your quantity falls either side of these amounts, a discount will still be available so please contact us for further details.

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