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OrderMate point of sale

When is it a good time for a POS Health Check-Up?

Whether you have been using OrderMate for six months or six years every so often it is good to have a health check-up. Like going to see a GP - it is recommended every now and again to pop into your doctor and get a routine health check-up.

Your body and your limbs – you use them every day. Point of Sale is no different. Over and over again POS systems are utilised to process payments, place ordering and cash off. Over and over again they stand the test of time enabling the accuracy and determining the profitability of a business.

But the question remains - could your system be running a little bit faster? Could your solution be more streamlined? Could the layout of menu items be more straightforward for staff to navigate through?

When you are using your solution day in day out – it’s hard to get perspective. We are offering OrderMate customers who sign up to one of our Support Plans before the 30th of January a FREE 1 hour POS health check-up.

We encourage our operators to be proactive - rather than reactive.

Take advantage of the calm before the storm and have your routine Check-Up today!

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