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OrderMate: The Design File

“I would like poached eggs on toast with a latte thanks”. Standard morning breakfast in a standard Melbourne café. But what makes this breakfast option a memorable stand out with all venues serving the same meal?

Our answer in a nutshell: The design

Years ago, demand was met by supply and the diner was none the wiser. These days, the look and feel of a restaurant and café are the selling point to get customers in the door. The feeling that you get when you first walk in, the vibe that you inhale whilst you are enjoying your food and lastly the memory that remains in your mind once you have left the venue will be the factor that encourages you to return.

The design team play an important role when opening up a hospitality venue – especially in its initial stages. A successful design can mean very different things for a café owner in comparison to a café user. For the café owner, the number one aim is to maximise economy of seating, create a space that is easy to operate in and to make trade as efficient and seamless as possible. For the café user, the design needs to create an environment they want to inhabit and feel at ease in (Café Culture).

Design fits hand in hand with technology. In the process of creating and designing spaces that maximise efficiency comes the need to think about Point of Sale. By factoring this in at the infancy stage of design it ensures that the Point of Sale fits in symbiotically with your layout. For instances the placement of WIFI, data-points, power points relative to where you will be positioning your waiter’s stations and main pay off terminal. Considering the dimensions required for a terminal, printer and cash drawer relative to your bar and whether you want the terminal mounted on a pole or fixed to a wall.

Rather than considering all this as an afterthought – it is worth getting your POS system provider in touch with your architect or designer as early as possible. Once all the cable management has been mapped out and implemented, you can run on “set and forget” mode and your installation will be a breeze.

We pride ourselves in customising our solution to specifically match the needs to the operator and the style they are wanting to convey at their venue.

For more information on our solution or Point of Sale in general give us a call on 1300 667 067 or drop us a line via

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