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OrderMate Australia Wide: April 2016

What a fantastic first quarter to 2016. With Easter just under our wings - it’s time to buckle down through the winter months of the year. Around Australia, some very exciting hospitality venues are opening their doors and bringing new tastes to local pallets. We are proud to showcase four of our recently installed OrderMate sites.

Tim Ho Wan

Offering their Michelin starred world renowned Baked BBQ Pork Bun, Tim Ho Wan Melbourne opened its door in mid March and have been curbing a queue of customers ever since. Following the success of their Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur and Manila venues – founded by acclaimed dim sum chef Mak Kwai Pui, expectations are sky high for Tim Ho Wan locally. The original 19-seat restaurant was awarded a Michelin star just one year after opening in 2009. This makes it the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world. The Melbourne restaurants is right in the heart of Bourke St and serving up an array of Cantonese delicacies including chicken feet, congee and the freshest steamed dim sum. Open from 10am – 10pm we recommend to get down their first thing and enjoy a yum cha fit for a king. 


Named after a Sri Lankan architect who popularised a design style known as “tropical modernism” which incorporated natural landscape within the confines of a building. Amidst a strip of superstore shops in Hawthorn you will find Bawa which is an absolute sublime oasis of caffeine and brunch style food. The space truly incorporates the tropical modernism concept with large open seating area and a lush flora affixed to the ceiling. Kael Sahely (the owners behind Square and Compass and Pillar of Salt) along with his father, brother and Shrian Bhagwandas and chef Chris Griffiths. The space has an allocated takeaway window enabling them to service the local workers with fresh salads, baguettes and coffee.

Uncle Bia Hoi

Anna Demirbek, former manager of St Ali Coffee in Melbourne is the inspiration behind Uncle Bia Hoi. Anna moved to Australia nine years ago from Sweden, having also lived in Singapore, which ignited her love affair with south east Asian food. Anna and her team will be bringing a contemporary interpretation of “Bia Hoi” – beer café to New Farm. The former sous chef from Chin Chin, Rich Ngo will be heading the kitchen serving up dishes from salads and rice paper rolls through to the likes of Saigon and Hanoi-style pho. Banh mi will put in an appearance as well at lunchtimes only, via a traditional cart. Cold glass of ‘bia hoa’ house lager and an evening breeze over Brisbane is a perfect end to busy day.

Mad Pizza

They are ‘Mad’ about creating the most unique pizza experience in Australia. With sites across the eastern suburbs of Sydney including Bondi, Newtown, Surry Hills and Darlinghurst. Their mantra being Mad Familiga, born in Italy and Made in Australia. From their belief there was a demand for a healthier option within the Sydney market, so they developed the Super thin & Healthy Pizza base, and topped it with only the finest of ingredients. Coupled with some cold beers and a funky cocktail list – the Mad Pizza experience is set to be unforgettable.

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