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Mobi2Go and OrderMate: The Summer Steal

With Cup Day just past and the Christmas/New Year Festivities just around the corner, we will soon be able to submit online orders in our sleep. Whether you are hosting an impromptu dinner or want to feed the family with minimal fuss, Online Ordering means food can be ready for pick up or at your doorstep faster than you can say ‘Flying Fish Flap up the Fjords in Finland’.

Mobi2Go has been trail blazing the Online Ordering-sphere around the world by providing unique customer ordering solutions to the hospitality industry and assisting their clients in generating additional revenue beyond the traditional methods.

For businesses who are looking to broaden their online presence, Mobi2Go provides both web and mobile ordering functionality. Their online storefront has a comprehensive suite of features, allowing your customers to recall previous orders, customise products, schedule orders, redeem vouchers and pay for their order on pick-up/delivery or prepay by credit card. The online storefront can be embedded directly into your website and styled to match your brand, ensuring seamless integration with your existing brand. This means customers can come straight to your website and order directly from you.

The mobile ordering is supported by both Android and iOS and can be customised to also match the look and feel of your brand, for customers who are always on the go. Having a custom built, branded online ordering app for your business is a smart way to increase customer loyalty and return visits. Branded apps have a higher proportion of regular (customers who’ve ordered 10+ times) and returning customers, so customers who order through an app also tend to be more loyal. It’s just like having your store in your customers pockets at all times, keeping you top of mind when hunger strikes.

Every hospitality business has their own personal preference when it comes to integrations –same applies to online ordering. We believe each and every one of our online ordering partners provide a premium integration experience in conjunction with our solution.

With the weather heating up and the number of online orders skyrocketing through the roof – Mobi2Go want to offer a special ‘Summer Steal’ - available exclusively to OrderMate operators. Integrate with Mobi2Go Online Ordering before February 2015 to receive a custom built iPhone and Android App for FREE! (That’s over $2000 worth of added value for FREE)

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