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Dimmi Pro Integration

The recent integration between the Dimmi Pro Reservation System (powered by ResDiary) and our OrderMate system is an exciting advancement for the hospitality industry. Together, it synchronises online reservations, phone bookings entered in ResDiary and front of house processes, facilitating better dining experiences through simplified operations and improved guest recognition.

“What’s exciting is that we are revolutionising the hospitality industry and the way restaurateurs operate. This integration will allow businesses to control front of house with ease, identify customers, and know diner’s preferences without having to ask,” said Stevan Premutico, CEO and Founder of Dimmi.

“Offering exemplary customer service at every client interaction is always our priority, and having information about our guests previous visits and dining preference assists us to achieve this." Gareth Burnett, Restaurant Manager of Woodland House, Prahran, VIC.

Key Benefits of Dimmi and OrderMate Integration:

  • Meatier customer profiles & better guest recognition: by pulling key data like total spend and itemised bills from OrderMate to ResDiary, a more detailed profile of the diner can be stored. Customer notes from ResDiary will show up in OrderMate when waiters click that table to put in an order, allowing staff to up-sell and make the guest feel recognised.
  • Clear visibility of table states: all actions made in OrderMate are automatically reflected in ResDiary, including table states. With the click of a button both systems will reflect whether a party has arrived, if drinks/main has been served or if the bill has been closed.
  • Automated updates to table layout: when bookings are entered in ResDiary through Dimmi or via the phone, the reservation will filter straight into the OrderMate system, which will simultaneously modify the table layout to reflect the latest reservation.
  • Handling walk-ins & online bookings is a breeze: when walk-ins arrive, staff can confidently accept these new customers with minimal stress while ensuring that all confirmed reservations are honoured at the same time. By utilising all available tables within the venue operators can maximise their total potential revenue for any given shift.

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