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Integrated EFTPOS

The Removal of Signature as a form of verification in August 2014 will impact the hospitality industry. Are you ready?

Merchants will need to change the way their customers pay and the way they process tips as the phase out of the signature as a form of verification on Australian credit and debit cards will take place over a short transition period from 1 August 2014.

OrderMate in partnership with Tyro payments have developed an integrated pay at table solution for their customers to handle this transition and ensure minimal disruption to their business. This latest technology will dramatically increase productivity and efficiency on the floor

How does integrated pay@table work?

Your mobile Tyro EFTPOS terminals on the floor can access any Table or Tab in OrderMate and allow the customer to pay this off at the table and have this cleared in the POS instantly.

The major benefits of the integrated pay@table solution include;

Flexibility to split bills and add tips on the terminal

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The flexibility of the pay@table product means customers can split bills and add tips on the terminal at the table.

Increased Security

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Pay@table ensures card security putting the customer at ease, as their card never leaves their sight. Payment by PIN is quicker and safer.

Limit Reconciliation issues for account

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With an integrated pay@table solution there is the elimination of reconciliation issues for accounts and there is no need to enter tip amounts at the end of the day.

Increases Staff Productivity

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Using pay@table reduces the numbers of trips a staff member makes to the table ensuring faster service and increase customer satisfaction.

Faster Payments

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With pay@table staff spend less time entering amounts in at the POS system and ensure faster payment for the customer at the end of service.

Reduces Keying Errors

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Pay@table removes errors from staff manually entering the sale amount into the EFTPOS terminal.

Start faster and more secure payment processing today!

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