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Financing POS systems with Geared Asset Finance

Purchasing a new POS system for your business requires a considerable capital outlay. But many businesses don’t have ready access to significant liquid capital or funds.


The following blog was written by our trusted finance partner Geared Asset Finance.

A traditional bank loan may be an option, but it may present challenging eligibility criteria for borrowers.

Equipment finance from a non-bank lender may be the solution for your business. Finance is available for a wider range of assets, including POS systems.

Finance helps make it possible to move the cost of procuring necessary assets from a capital cost to a monthly operational cost. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on your cash flow, as well as lowering your monthly expenses and freeing up capital for more productive use.

Geared Finance offers market leading POS and hospitality equipment finance solutions, with funding from $2,000 to $150,000 and above.

Whether you’re looking to purchase new equipment or second-hand equipment, refinance or access the equity in existing equipment, Geared Finance has a solution for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of equipment finance.

1. Cashflow

Even if your business is profitable, compromising your capital to buy new equipment can be risky for your cash conversion cycle. Equipment finance allows you to spread the cost of the equipment over its useful life without the large up-front cost.

This helps preserve your cash flow for other areas of your business, including projects and strategies for growth.

2. Eligibility Criteria

Some banks and traditional lenders impose eligibility criteria which means you don’t even get to the starting line.

Geared’s equipment finance solutions have generous qualifying criteria and more flexibility.

3. Potential tax benefits

There are a number of tax benefits that can operate with business assets and equipment finance. You should speak to your accountant or tax professional to find out exactly what these are and which ones are available to you.

Typically, you may be able to claim back the input tax related to the GST on the purchase price of your new POS system and other equipment, depreciate the value of the equipment over its life or take advantage of the current Australian Government temporary tax depreciation incentives available.

If you think that equipment finance can help your business purchase your new POS system, please contact Daniel at Geared Finance on 0457 772 009.


The following blog was written by our trusted finance partner Geared Asset Finance.

Geared Asset Finance specialises in simple, hassle-free business loans to help businesses thrive.

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