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Famous Australian QSR Increasing Average Spend per Person by up to 37%

Brisbane, QLD – Tuesday, 24th of April, 2018. New Quick Service Restaurant Chain ‘Hog’s Express’ in the Myer Centre, Brisbane CBD is increasing average spend per person by up to 37% thanks to the latest in self-service technology: OrderMate self-service kiosk.

The new kiosk ordering technology allows customers to place their orders directly at the counter via an intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen interface, resulting in a more personalised ordering experience and prompting users to make additional purchases.

This new technology has been a huge success with Hogs Express customers, with over 70% of all orders being placed through the self-service kiosks.

Corporate Trainer of Hog’s Australia Steakhouse Jake Jenning’s says the increase in average spend per person has greatly increased since implementing the new ordering technology.

“A global statistic is a 13% increase in average spend per person”, Jake says

“We’re blowing that out of the water here with our corporate stores doing an average of 30% to 37%.”

CEO and Co-Founder of OrderMate Shannon Hautot says Hog’s Express is one of the first QSR restaurants in Australia who have implemented the self-ordering solution, and it’s only a matter of time before the mass-market will adopt these new technologies.

“Consumers have always enjoyed personalised and engaging automated transactions in the retail sector,” says Shannon.

“As they continue to become more technologically savvy, they are expressing greater interest in self-service technologies in their dining experiences, too.”

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