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Manage Your Data-Driven Guest Experience with SevenRooms

We are excited to announce our SevenRooms POS integration, the preferred partner for reservations, waitlists, walk-ins, and marketing. 

The SevenRooms integration allows hospitality operators to gather more information about their customers by linking transactional data from the POS system with the guest profile in the reservations platform. These valuable insights, including order history and item-level spend, can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns that drive more bookings and repeat business.

"The marriage of two powerful platforms, OrderMate and SevenRooms, instantly benefits venues and customers alike,” said Julian Perry, Head of Product at OrderMate. “This simple and slick integration provides the operator better patron data while increasing the speed of service. OrderMate and SevenRooms are like-minded partners, together we build tools that enhance customer experience and streamline venue operations. It's exciting to empower venue operators by allowing them to realise the positive impact of data and automated systems on how they work, market themselves and engage with their customers.”

SevenRooms OrderMate POS Integration

By connecting operations, marketing and guest engagement into one solution, we can help you maximise profits, build brand loyalty and enable personalised guest experiences. 

  • A true two way POS integration for online reservations, waitlists, and walk-ins
  • View reservations live at all POS stations - not just the front desk
  • Your own robust guest database that aggregates and consolidates customer data automatically
  • Personalised marketing messages to your diners based on profile tags to turn first time guests into regulars

Find out more about how the SevenRooms integration works.

“We’re thrilled to partner with OrderMate to bring data-driven insights to venues so they can deliver personalised experiences to their guests, bringing them back time and time again,” said Paul Hadida, General Manager Australia at SevenRooms. “Like OrderMate, SevenRooms’ mission is to help hospitality operators run better businesses and with our new integration, we’re enhancing our ability to do just that. For businesses today, data is sacrosanct. By partnering with OrderMate and combining our collective expertise, we’re giving venues the foundation to better understand their customers and deliver the experiences they value, remember and recommend.”

We look forward to the success of this integration, equipping hospitality venues with powerful guest insights. Our partnership with SevenRooms will help your business by unlocking revenue potential and repeat visits through a tailored approach to the guest experience.

Here at OrderMate, we are committed to helping hospitality operators run better businesses, so you can focus on doing what you do best. Get in touch with our consultants to find out how you can connect your OrderMate POS and SevenRooms.

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