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Automate Your Accounts Payable with Lightyear

Managing your Accounts Payables in a busy hospitality business is time consuming and complex. Lightyear will make the process easier and efficient!

We are excited to announce that we have recently integrated with the world’s leading Account Payable Automation software provider Lightyear so that you can spend time on things that matter.

“Our customers will love how much time Lightyear saves them. Their statement reconciliation feature will have hundreds of hours alone, not to mention how easy it is to use and how helpful the team is.”  Julian Perry - Head of Product at OrderMate

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About Lightyear

Lightyear (formerly Invitbox), a global Software as a Service (SaaS) business was founded in 2017 by brothers Chris & Roger Gregg. The core focus is to develop and build cutting edge Accounts Payables cloud accounting products and offers complete solutions from PO’s to invoicing. 

Their mission is to help businesses thrive by delivering innovative tools which streamline processes and payments, digitise data, provide insights and connect businesses in the Lightyear Cloud.

How Lightyear Works With Venues

  • Eliminate data entry and automate approvals into OrderMate Point of Sale Stock/Inventory control
    Once a document is uploaded, all line item data is extracted and sent into the inventory software, this will give hospitality owners and operators a live overview of stock which they can see what they are missing or when items need to be reordered in real-time
  • Create PO's inside Lightyear
    Hospitality owners and operators can streamline their payment processes by tagging approvals directly, which will help to reduce time, costs and effort
  • Connect with Lightyear's innovative companion app
    Instantly collaborate with approvers, finance teams and suppliers with the app that allows users to approve on the go from anywhere. Tag connected users so they can see associated notes and assigned tasks both online and through the app
  • Assign approvals
    Assign up to 5 levels of approval for each supplier
  • Automate Supplier Statement Reconciliation
    Automatically reconcile your supplier statements in seconds and request missing documentation in 2 clicks

Benefits of Lightyear

  • Reclaim up to 80% of your team's time that traditionally spent on manual data entry, chasing invoices and getting approvals
  • Automate processes that will drastically reduce stocktake time, eliminate human errors and giving owners and operators a live overview of their Accounts Payable process
  • Go paperless with Lightyear's unique data capture software and scan/upload the supplier bills for unparalleled accuracy in data extraction
  • Never lose a bill again with Lightyear’s powerful archive feature that can hold everything in one place for up to 7 years. Simply search for the GL code, supplier, PO or bill number, due date, product number etc...and the system will retrieve all items up in seconds

The team at Lightyear have also been working very hard to bring you a PO creation and approval suit which will be available in BETA at no additional cost. All of this is on top of the standard benefits with an Accounts Payables Automation software solution and their support team is second to none. You can check out their reviews on QBO, Capterra and Xero.

Find out what Lightyear can do for you in the short overview video below:

“We are very excited to bring this partnership to OrderMate customers which will open up our solution to a range of businesses who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of our paperless and automated Accounts Payable software.

The partnership timing is very topical with a huge shift in the market towards paperless and remote Accounts Payable solutions being largely driven by enforced remote working due to COVID. Together, we are happy to be supporting our mutual customers on their journey to a paperless office.” Roger Gregg - President at Lightyear 

Gary Mallet, Customer Success Specialist from Lightyear will be hosting an exclusive webinar for OrderMate customers to demonstrate how Lightyear can positively impact your business. Click here to register the webinar now!

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