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6 reasons why POS is Primo

Monday, February 10, 2014

6 reasons why POS is Primo vs ROM based solutions:

Obviously ROM based solutions are better than archaic old school cash registers. Many operators are scratching their heads and wondering, what is the real difference between POS and ROM based solutions?

1) ROM technology is a smarter version of a cash register which can only add, subtract and subtotal figures. However it is usually proprietary hardware which makes it difficult to train staff and often expensive to repair and service as time goes on.

2) ROM technology is not able to grow with your business – it usually cannot be upgraded or expanded – which is a major limitation when partaking in a new business venture.

3) The software has a restricted list of functions, limited number of PLU’s and general data storage compared to a good POS system - all the above is completely customizable and the options are limitless.

4) POS solutions are aimed to future proof your investment and manage your operation in the most productive way possible.

5) New age technology is ever evolving, without upgrading from the day you bought your solution – it is like sitting in cement and watching all your competitors far surpass you. POS software is continuously being developed and updated which can only work to benefit the operator – plus any new integrations which plug into the POS for instance social media, loyalty programs, online ordering can all be available with the touch of a button.

6) Expect to pay 10-20% more for a Touch Screen PC Solution over ROM, but get an infinite return on investment and avoid pitting GOOD MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN. You will thank us, one to two years down the track, when you don’t have to re-invest in the new technology you wish you had at the start.

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