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OrderMate and Deliverect have partnered to build a reliable two-way integration to connect online order platforms to your POS. This helps hospitality operators save time, reduce labour costs, eliminate double handling, and increase revenue.

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OneShift: Solve your Hospitality Staffing Woes

One of the biggest pains facing the hospitality industry is staffing. Reliable staff who arrive on time and get the job done is hard to come by. On a daily basis we hear from our customers that staff haven’t shown up for their shift or have walked off the job and this is not something wholly unique to the hospitality industry. OneShift is the brainchild of Gen George who whilst travelling through France on a gap year and in a struggle to find temporary work decided to create an online jobs platform that instantly matches people with jobs based on their skills, location and other relevant information.

We have partnered with OneShift to give our OrderMaters the best possible opportunities when it comes to solving the staffing situation. For businesses, OneShift is providing a cheaper, faster and easier alternative to the larger job boards like Seek etc. OneShift offers a unique matching system, that allows businesses to view not only those that have directly applied for the job, but also a larger pool of potentially more appropriate candidates who have been matched as well.

Two years on, it has evolved from focusing primarily on casual and temporary work and now includes permanent positions and targets a broader range of job seekers. OrderMate users can access the OneShift portal directly from the POS terminal under system admin in WaiterMate. Under OrderMate Partners, the OneShift button can be found. With the assistance of internet you can quickly and easily fill an unexpected gap in the roster or cover a staff member who has fallen ill by choosing from the thousands of online profiles completed by passionate job seekers keen to help you get through a busy weekend shift.

For more information on OneShift, click here.

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