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400 Gradi

I have seen many systems in the market, both locally and overseas and none are easier to use and teach staff especially in an industry with increasing staff turn-over. This was critical to me and the ongoing success of my busines

Johnny Di Francesco

Earl Canteen

We use Ordermate for our quick service EARL Canteen stores as they are simple to use and train on staff on. The integrated eftpos at our new store is invaluable to the fast paced environment and allows our customers to use the keypads themselves. As a business owner of multiple sites, being able to log in remotely to the POS units allows us ease of reporting, menu updates and being able to keep an eye on the business pulse, even if we are not standing behind the till that particular day.

Jackie Middleton

Marriner Group (Regent Theatre, Princess Theatre, Forum Theatre & Comedy Theatre)

We have rolled out the OrderMate solution in all of our venues; the Princess Theatre, Regent Theatre, Comedy Theatre, Forum Theatre, Plaza Ballroom as well as Federici Bistro where it delivers on all fronts. The staff enjoy its ease of use and I find the back of house reporting really comprehensive especially in terms of stock control and costing. It was a real pleasure to work with the OrderMate team – at each stage along the way.

Steven Downes

The Groove Train and Coffee Hit Group

The Groove Train recently launched its Groove Club Card which is a multisite (15 restaurants) loyalty card that integrations with orderMate. The integration is the important component as this allows us to run reports through our OrderMate system, giving us data on our customers. OrderMate has been an integral part of this stratgeic roll out and I would recommend their technology and systems with no hesitation.

Rocky Veneziano

The Bank on Collins, Asian Beer Café, Shaw Davey Slum and Father's Office

I have been personally dealing with OrderMate for close to 3 years now and to say I haven’t put it through the ringer would be an understatement! At Asian Beer Café we “smash” the POS whilst transacting close to 30,000 transactions per week and it hasn’t missed a beat. We have installed OrderMate’s IPAD wireless system now at our other venues too, Father’s Office & The Shaw Davey Slum, and we are excited about our relationship as we continue to grow.

Stewart Koziora


We’ve been a client of Ordermate since opening the first famish’d store 3.5 years ago. The service is exemplary and the systems service our business perfectly. I looked at a range of Point of Sale options and Ordermate seemed the most user-friendly and suitable for the needs of a small business with growth plans. The team at Ordermate have helped us grow from 1 to 2 stores and I see them in the bigger picture going forward.

Georgia Samuel

Cheeky Monkey and George Jones

OrderMate it an integral part of our business and one we could not work without! We pride ourselves on having flexibly with our menu to be able to assist customers with any dietary requirements and the OrderMate system allows us to be able to communicate effectively without confusion or disruption to each department with ease. During a busy shift the effectiveness of the system is invaluable and to top it off it is so easy to use!

Paul Vernuccio

Boilermaker House

OrderMate is an all in one solution that is completely customisable, and as the manager of a busy bar that is exactly what want from your Point of Sale system. The Back of House OfficeMate is easy to use and assists me with completing my integral daily tasks. The stock control features of suggested ordering, invoice creation and integrated barcode scanning ensures stock remains continuously streamlined.

Jack Sotti


I have recommended OrderMate to other restaurants because I am happy and confident in the product.

Sean Kierce

Mary's Burgers

There are so many variables in the hospitality industry, any tool that can assist in building structure, provide accurate data and also provide fantastic support is invaluable to our business.

Kenny Graham

The Village Melbourne

(Formerly Belgium Beer Garden) Since installing OrderMate at The Village, we have found the POS system to be user friendly and reliable, the capabilities of the back of house system to be extensive and the reporting functions to be outstanding. OrderMate themselves have also been accommodating and helpful in building custom reports for our business, as well as in providing technical support where required. I would recommend the OrderMate system to any Hospitality venue looking for a multifaceted yet simple all encompassing POS system.

Matt Hunt

Strut n Fret (Producers of the Spiegeltent and Garden of Unearthly Delights)

As a global events company, Strut & Fret can attest to OrderMate’s reliability and flexible service – no matter what timezone we are in!

Emily Gates

Mad Pizza É Bar

Having a fully integrated system has allowed our accounting, rostering and online orders to be a streamlined process - saving us both time and money. This time saved has enabled us to overhaul our entire sequence of service, it’s allowed us to focus more on making our customer experience at Mad Pizza a great one!

Jono Spragg

Entrecote & Second Home

I only use OrderMate across all of my venues.

Jason Jones

Spice Market

We have been using OrderMate for 2 years now and we couldn't be happier with it. It's efficiency and ease of use has streamlined our POS operations and made our business run so much more smoothly. I would not hesitate to recommend OrderMate.

Scott Johnson

Crabapple Kitchen and Vaporetto

We love our OrderMate System at Crabapple Kitchen. It is a user-friendly POS system which is logical and organised, making it easy for all staff to operate and a breeze to train them to use. It has so many great features which make for speedy and reliable service such as multiple split-bill options, easy table and item transfers and combo upgrades. Other features we love are the KTS docket screen which allows our Baristas to work hands-free off electronic dockets and monitors the time it takes to make each check precisely and so doubles as a great management tool. The back of house reporting is also incredibly thorough and a tool we draw on constantly in order to assess all aspects of our business and how we can constantly improve. OrderMate ticks all the boxes. It is everything we could want from a POS system.

Stephanie Edgerton

The Quarter - Degraves

OrderMate POS system has given me greater control over my business. With the ability to tailor solutions for my needs, it creates ease of use throughout service and accessing useful information at all times allowing me to understand my business at a glance and plan well in advance.

Tony Roussos

Zonzo Estate

Zonzo Estate is located in the hustle and bustle of the Yarra Valley. OrderMate is a vital system to ensure we are organised, efficient and essentially successful. OrderMate remains the central and fundamental source between communication internally and externally for us since 2003.

Rod Micallef

Pho Nom

OrderMate gets our thumbs up. It’s “Pho nom”-enal!

David and Jerry Mai

Lucio Pizzeria

OrderMate is a straightforward and user-friendly system which significantly helps benefit the flow of service allowing clear communication between kitchen, bar and floor. Our staff members have all found it extremely easy to learn and use, and both the front and back of house features are perfectly designed to make the job easier, faster and therefore more efficient. The support team are a phone call away and have never let us down.

Lucio De Falco

S'wich Dubai

We use OrderMate in all of our 3 outlets in Dubai. Being a very tech savy company with 70% of our order coming in online, OrderMate has offered us the flexibility to offer a unique and seamless online ordering experience to our customers. The OrderMate solution is also super easy to use and to train our staff on while providing management with a very comprehensive reporting and accurate operational data.

Fadel Belmahdi

Morning After

In previous venues I have owned we only had one point of sale. For this business I wanted to have iPads on the floor for my wait staff – I can honestly say we now save two minutes on every table because we have these iPads. My new staff are able to use the system easily and efficiently and this increases my average sales. I would definitely recommend OrderMate to anyone in the Hospitality Industry – having this system allows me to be much more in touch with what is going on in my business!

Yianni Passaris

The Unicorn Hotel

The OrderMate system is very versatile between bar and table service which is great for our business. We now have immediate accountability on how the business is managed through the use of functions like Stock Control.

Bruno Wicks & Kenny Graham

Axil Coffee Roasters

I certainly recommend OrderMatefor other businesses. It’s initially a big investment, but it definitely pays off the future and no modern hospitality business can operate without a quality POS system.

Dave Makin

The Craft & Co

OrderMate have a strong presence in the hospitality industry - it's the best solution for my business. Being such a dynamic venue and having seen OrderMate in other venues, I was pleasantly surprised to see the system could adapt to the many different areas of retail, restaurant, bar, classes, functions and events we offer.

Frank Bovezza